Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.

Send a Pastor to D.C!

Church United has brought over 270 California  pastors to:

Washington, D.C.

2014         6 California Pastors

2015      27 California Pastors

2016      70 California Pastors 

2017   157 California Pastors

2018    400 is our goal!


2017    24 California Pastors of Regional Influence

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Discipleship (Shepherding) is my primary gift. As Jesus said in the great commission, "Go and make disciples of all nations..." I love journeying with young  leaders to fulfill their calling to advance God's kingdom!


A unique gift that better enables me to share about Jesus and how He can transform your life!

Premarital Coaching

Also known as premarital counseling, Amanda and I have begun coaching seriously dating  or engaged couples to the lifetime commitment of marriage (One man and one woman). It's an 8-week course. See below for the curriculum  list.


Public Policy


The Heritage Foundation -

California Family Council

California Family Alliance -

Focus on the Family -

CitizenLink -

Family Research Council -


Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)-

Advocates for Faith and Freedom -

Pacific Justice Institute -

Premarital Coaching Material (Personality assessment)

"Seriously Dating or Engaged," Dr. Roger Tirabassi & Becky Tirabassi (Mariners Church)

​"The Most Important Year of Your Life," Wolfemuth & DeVries

"Sheet Music," Kevin Leman

"The 5 Love Languages," Gary Chapman

"Love and Respect," Dr. Emerson Eggerichs


Sin/Sexual Issues

"Steps to Freedom in Christ," Neil T. Anderson

"Homosexuality, A New Christian Ethic," Elizabeth Moberly


Same Sex Attraction (SSA) or Gender Confusion - Pastors Ken and Elizabeth Woning at Bethel Church - Individuals dealing with GLBT or other sexual issues - Support for family members dealing with SSA Individuals dealing with SSA (Kris Olsen, Professional Golfer LPGA) National counseling research and referral - Sex Change Regret

Professional Counseling, M.F.T., or other professional help: 

Contact Pastor Jim to discuss therapists/pastors that have a biblical word view when dealing with sexual identity issues or with same sex attraction (homosexual, lesbian, bisexual or transgender issues) for adults and minors.