Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.

Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.



  • 1/24/2012 Sexuality a Matter of Choice? click link to watch CBS 47, Fresno 

    ​ 8/31/2011 Emotions Flare at Church Meeting to Protest Calif. Gay History Bill click link to watch KTLA 5, SouthernCalifornia local news interview: Prayer rally to Stop SB 48, SouthernMissionary Baptist Church, Los Angeles with Pastor Xavier Thompson.
    ​  6/ 21/ 2011 CBN 700 Club Interactive, nationally aired on ABC’s Family Chanel (see video on homepage)

    10/2008 Fox News 13, Southern California local news interview: Prop 8 Rally at  the steps of Los Angeles City Hall.



  • 3/15/2013 99.5 FM KKLA , Los Angeles & Southern California 5-7 PM (in studio) Host:Pastor Vince Beresford,  Intersection of Faith and Reason, 2 hour interview and call in from 6-7 PM Topic: Amanda & Jim’s Story 

    1/22/2012 1680 AM KGED (Fresno, CA) 7:15-8:00 AM, Host: Pastor Jim & Cyndi Franklin, ChristianTalk   45 minute interview, Topic: Amanda & Jim’s Story and Senate Bill 48

    12/28/2011 710 AM KFIA (Sacramento, CA) Host: Tony Bosserman,  Kingdom News, 6-7 minute, Topic: Focus on the Family’s “Truth Project”

    8/28/2011 (no audio available) 102.3 FM KLHJ (Los Angeles & Orange Counties) 7-8:00 PM, Host: Pastor Xavier Thompson, 1 hour interview

    8/7/2011 7-8pm 102.3 FM KLJH(Los Angeles & Orange Counties)  Host: Pastor Xavier Thompson Topic: SB 48,  

    7/15/2011 1460 AM KION Host: MarkCarbonaro  “More Stimulating TalkRadio,” Tri Counties (Northern California) Topic: SB 48,

    11/ 2010 102.3 FM KNTK Host: Jim Wilson, 30 minute interview

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    ​The New York Times: The Christian Right Adopts a 50-State Strategy​
    3/ 2013 Christian Examiner: Local Prayer Efforts Gear up for May 2 National Day of Prayer

    8/13/2012 God Reports blog, by Mark Ellis

    ​ OC to celebrate National Day of Prayer OCRegister 6 to 8:00 pm; Pastor Jim Domen will lead the prayer; at Amphitheater Hurless Barton Park at 4601 Casa Loma Ave., Yorba Linda. A high school rock band will play from 4 to 5 pm Information: 951-742-7100 or

    ​Calif. DMV to help 'normalize' homosexuality? OneNewsNow... is called 'an anti-bullying cause,' but the language of the bill is oriented toward accepting and normalizing homosexuality," notes CFC's Jim Domen. 'Disappointing' mayoral candidates OneNewsNow...major candidate for the office of mayor of San Diego represents the majority of the city's voters," laments Jim Domen of the California Family Council.

     9/2011 Over 60 Black Pastors Unite At Prayer Rally To Repeal SB 48 L.A. Focus“It’s not a race issue. It’s not an ethnic issue. It’s a behavior issue,” said Jim Domen of the California Family Council.

    ​ Emotions Flare at Church Meeting to Protest Calif. Gay History Bill KTLA Chanel 5 "It's indoctrination," Pastor Jim Domen, of the California Family Council, told KTLA. "They're in their formative years and you start introducing sexuality.

    ​San Fran says ban invades religious rights OneNewsNow Jim Domen, a Yorba Linda-based pastor, tells OneNewsNow the ban obviously violates the First Amendment. "I'm not sure what San Francisco will do. ...

    Board bored with Schuller? OneNewsNow "In the succession of organizational leadership, it's almost always difficult, and especially when it involves the organization's founder," notes Jim Domen, ...

    L.A. joins Obama, praises LGBT lifestyle Pastor Jim Domen, a staff member with the California Family Council, sees obvious disparity in the city's proclamation. "I'm ex-gay," he tells OneNewsNow. ...

     11/19/2008 ​
    Radical Gay Activists Seek to Intimidate Christians Apostles ...Bloggers targeted Yorba Linda, Calif., pastor Jim Domen,who is open about his past struggle with same-sex attraction, and his girlfriend for harassment …