2018 General Election

November 6, 2018 

​(Updated October 18, 2018)

Federal Government 
United States Senator
: Dianne Feinstien

U.S. Representative, 39th District: Young Kim

State of California

Governor: John Cox

Lt. Governor: Ed hernandez

Secretary of State: Mark P. Meuser

Controller: Konstantinos Roditis

Treasurer: Greg Conlon

Attorney General: Steve C. Bailey

Insurance Commissioner: Steve Poizner

Member, State Board of Equalization: Joel Anderson 

California Assembly 55th District: Phillip Chen

Local Elections 

Chino Valley School Board: Jody D Moore

City of Corona: Doug Houson, Jermey Mercer,  & Shawn Kelly

City of Inglewood, Mayor: Marc Little

City of Westminster: Amy West

City of Yorba linda: Peggy Huang & Carlos Rodriguez

Judicial Vote

Carol A. Corrigan: YES

Leondra R. Kruger: NO

Cynthia Aaron: NO
William S. Dato: NO

Judith L. Haller: YES

Richard D. Huffman: YES

Patricia Guerrero: NO

Patricia D. Benke: YES

Joan Kathleen Irion: NO

​Richard T. Fields: NO

Art W. McKinster: YES

Douglas P. Miller: YES

Marsha G. Slough: NO

David A. Thompson: YES

Thomas M. Goethals: NO

Raymond J. Ikola: YES

Water District

Municipal Water District of Orange County,

Director, Division 1Brett R. Barbre

Yorba Linda Water District: Choose three:

Brooke Jones

Phillip (Phil) D. Hawkins

​Al Nederhood

Orange County

Superintendent of Public Institution: Marshall Tuck

​District Attorney: Tony Rackauckas

Sheriff-Coroner: Don Barnes


Measure 1: NO

Measure 2: NO

Measure 3: NO

Measure 4: NO

Measure 5: YES

Measure 6: YES

Measure 7: NO

Measure 8: NO

Measure 10: NO

Measure 11: YES

Measure 12: NO


Recommended Voter Guide Links for the state of California

​These are biblical worldview friends of mine... 

Craig Huey: Election Forum (California): www.Electionforum.org &

CA Judge Voter Guide: https://judgevoterguide.com

Robyn Nordell (Orange County): www.RobynNordell.com

Nancy's Picks: (Orange County): www.NancysPicks.com

Craig Alexander: (Orange County): Click for a .pdf 

Penny's Picks  via Robyn Nordell (San Diego): www.RobynNordell.com

Values Advocacy Council (San Jose): www.vac.org/voterguide

Domen's Decisions

Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.

Pastor Jim Domen, M.Div.